Samantha Anderson

Relaxing Moments Myotherapy & Massage started as a home-based business and has now grown into a multi-site business providing a range of professional treatments to aide in the management of physical injury, together with assisting in pain relief and/or prevention of an escalation of that injury.

I also provide a range of relaxation therapies designed to rejuvenate and revitalise the body, mind and soul. These are ideal for personal health maintenance or to encourage employee productivity, engagement and retention within the corporate realm.

I am highly qualified in numerous Myotherapy and massage techniques. I am reliable, highly skilled, sympathetic to the patient’s needs and able to liaise with other medical practitioners.

Ongoing training and self-development as a therapist is essential and enables me to introduce new techniques to my valued patients. It is also required that I am an active member of relevant professional associations to ensure I am up to date with current industry standards.

I am a Medibank Private preferred provider, TAC and Workcover approved.

I will be working at Thompson Road Clinic Monday – Friday.

Andrew Coffey.

I have been a qualified therapist since 2013 and have developed a passion for massage from my sporting years. I’ve played soccer for many years and more recently have taken up beach volleyball.

Massage has always helped me recover from injuries sustained through sporting activities, which in return gave me willingness to want to be able to do everything possible to help others maintain a healthy body through massage.

I am qualified in remedial, relaxation and Myotherapy.  All of these therapies, sometimes combined can expedite recovery from acute injuries or help with managing pain from long term problems.

Having the opportunity to work at Thompson Road Clinic in liaison with so many other practitioners will allow me to participate in a wide range of therapies to obtain a positive outcome for patients.I have the excitement to always want to learn new techniques and further my studying.

I am looking forward to being part the great team that makes up Thompson Road Clinic.

I will be working at the clinic:  Monday – Thursday and on Saturdays.